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Monday, 27 May 2013

YouTuber's of The Month: @AllThatGlitters21 - Elle Fowler & @Missglamourazzi - Ingrid

I have been watching Elle and Ingrid a lot this month due to there series on there channel called "Make-up Mayhem" They posted videos every two days consistently through the month of May. I like watching there videos because they make them look professional but still comfy in there own homes. both of them seem to have nice bubbly personalities and look fun to be around.
During there series of "Make-up Mayhem" they uploaded videos on tutorials, natural beauty, packing videos, hauls and give away's. I did find the videos really helpful and enjoyable to watch. They are Beauty Guru's that are my favourite list at the moment, and I watch there videos all the time without hesitation. these are the people that inspire me and make me want to make a YouTube channel, but that will happen in due course time. Sadly "Make-up Mayhem" has finished until next year but I will still be excited to watch there next uploaded video. The only thing I wish for is that they uploaded more videos, but I know it does take a lot of time and effort to make and upload a video, just mean i'll have to sit back and wait and i will enjoy it more.

50 Random Facts About Me! - Delightfully Beautiful

1. My middle name is Joanne
2. I have a beauty spot in my ear and under my bottom lash line.
3. I have extremely short nails
4. I don't have a favourite colour, I like every colour if it's bright or bold
5. I have 3 dogs
6. I have over a 100 cousins
7. I have never been that sick that I have to be admitted to hospital
8. Needles are my phobia
9. My room is really small
10. I am obsessed with YouTube
11. I can do very detailed drawings but only do a standard painting
12. I have the worst patience level EVER
13. I hate macaroni cheese
14. I am a middle child of 3
15. My sister is my best-friend
16. I have been in full-time education ever since I left high school
17. I have lived in 3 areas of my town
18. I hate fly's
19. I have over 10 bags (purses)
20. I hate feet
21. I love small cuddly dogs
22. I am 22
23. I am 23 in august
24. I hate confrontation, I avoid it at all costs
25. I have the worst memory ever
26. I own books, but I don't read
27. I love going on family day trips
28. I love decorating and designing things
29. I have a brother and a sister
30. I am a clean freak, everything has to be organised otherwise my mind feels cluttered
31. I want a mac book
32. I get excited for Christmas about two months before the jolly season
33. I am a third year student
34. I am quite and shy
35. I can also get really angry
36. I hate being annoyed
37. I have only been interested in fashion & beauty since I started watching YouTube since September last year
38. I don't dream, and when I do I never remember it the next day
39. I'm allergic to tomatoes
40. I love green tea with lemon
41. I have been turned off red meat since the horse meat scandal
42. I love the Kardashions
43. I get really emotional when I watch TV or films
44. I can never have a sleep in, my body will not allow it, even if i do I wake up with a head ache
45. I have been on a 2 day coach trip from the UK to Spain
46. I am afraid of heights
47. My brain goes all funny when I turn myself upside down
48. I love shopping
49. I wash my hair every single day
50. I don't like sleeping anywhere else apart from my own bed   

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Friday, 24 May 2013

This or That - Beauty Tag - Delightfully Beautiful

blush or bronzer:- Blush
lip gloss or lipstick:- Lipstick
eye liner or mascara:- Mascara
foundation or concealer:- Concealer 
neutral or color eye shadow:- Neutral
pressed or loose eye shadows:- Pressed
brushes or sponges:- Sponges

OPI or china glaze:- OPI
Long or short:- Short
Acrylic or natural:- Natural
Brights or darks:- Darks
Flower or no flower:- No Flower

perfume or body splash:- Perfume
lotion or body butter:- Body Butter
body wash or soap:- Body Wash
lush or other bath company:- Other

jeans or sweat pants:- Jeans
long sleeve of short:- Long Sleeve
dresses or skirts:- None
stripes or plaid:- Stripes  
flip flops or sandals:- Flip Flops
scarves or hats:- Scarves
studs or dangly earrings:- Stud 
necklaces or bracelets:- Bracelets 
heels or flats:- Flats
cowboy boots or riding boots:- Riding Boots
jacket or hoodie:- Jacket
forever 21 or charlotte russe:- Forever 21 
abercombie or Hollister:- None
saks 5th or nordstrom:- None

curly or straight:- Straight
bun or ponytail:- Both
bobby pins or butterfly clips:- Bobby Pins
hair spray or gel:- Hair Spray
long or short:- Any
light or dark:- Any
side sweep bangs or full bangs:- Side Sweep
up or down:- Up

Rain or shine:- Shine
Summer or winter:- Summer
Fall or spring:- Fall
Chocolate or vanilla:- Chocolate 
East coast or west coast:- None

90's Kid Survey Tag ¦ Delightfully Beautiful

This is YouTube tag that was created by Ingrid (@missglamourazzi) and Joey (@JoeyGraceffa). When I watched this tag it flood back a lot of memories from childhood and was incredibly fun to watch. Since I don't have a YouTube channel I thought would tag myself and do it on my blog. This is a tag created for people that was born in 1990 upwards.

1. Favorite Disney channel original movie?

Lizzie McGuire Movie

2. Favorite music artist?

Spice Girls, Girls Aloud, Blue, Five, S Club 7, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilra, Kelly Rowland, Destinys Child, Sugarbabes, Atomic Kitten,  Missteeque, Boyzone, NSYNC & a lot more that I can't think of!

3. Favorite Nick Jr. show?

I didn't watch Nick Jnr that much but the most memorable would be Blues Clues.

4. Favorite candy?

I did have a lot of favourite sweets but mine would be different because I live in the UK but my favourite sweets was Black Jacks, Fruit Salad Bars, Dolly Beads, Astro Belts, Spaghetti Bubble Gum, Bubblegum with the tattoo's (Can't Remember The Name), Cola & Milk Bottles.

5. Favorite game? (board game, school game, etc.)

I can't really remember school games apart from Tag, Manhunt, Hopscotch, Stuck In The Mud and board games was Ludo, Guess Who, Bop It, Operation, Norts & Crosses, Boy Girl and Drafts.

6. Favorite McDonald's Happy Meal toy?

Spaghetti Doll's, My Little Pony & Smurfs

7. Favorite book?

Lizzie Zipmouth, I loved this book, I would read it over and over again. Black beauty.

8. Favorite clothing store?

I don't think I had a favorite clothing store that any body would know of it.

9. What would you watch when you'd get home from school?

Hey Arnold, Art Attack, Taz, Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, Keenan & Kel and The Simpsons 

Hope You Enjoyed! :)

Colours Of The Rainbow Tag ¦ Delightfully Beautiful

This is the "Colours of the Rainbow" tag that is travelling around the YouTube beauty community. I first seen it on  @missglamourazzi 's channel then Elle Fowler (@Allthatglitters21) followed by other popular beauty gurus. The tag is basically all the colours from the rainbow and you pick a beauty or fashion related item that is a colour from the rainbow. I thought this looked fun so I thought I would tag myself to do it, Enjoy!


VO5 - Blow Dry Lotion - Amplifying Volume

I have currently used this item for more than a year and it has actually lasted since I wash my hair daily. I did once stop using it a few months ago because it was making my hair oily and then rediscovered it while I was rummaging through my room. I do notice a difference in my hair when I use this product but not extremely. 
I would repurchase this item and carry on using it unless I find something better.


Anatomicals - Don't just clean it women, scrub it - Body Scrub
I received this item in a gift pack of other anamaticals products for Christmas two years ago and I use it occasionally when I run out of my other body scrubs. This was a good gift to receive  I wouldn't say it was the best body scrub but I don't think I would pay the full price for it if I think it does the exact same thing as a ordinary body scrub from the supermarket. It does have small exfoliating beads in it and doesn't really have a strong lasting smell to it. But it is good for the odd occasion.


Nivea - Milk & Honey - Lip Balm
I received this item this Christmas just gone in a metal container with 3 other lip balms. I thought this one was the best out of all them because it was really creamy and moisturizing when it was applied to the lips, and the moisture did last a long time and left my lips feeling smooth and soft.  I did use the whole product (I Think! or I lost it!) but I would repurchase it if I new were stocks it, at the moment I am currently using the Nivea's Lip Butters which I think is the same as this but more creamy and moisturizing  


Tea Tree - Facial Scrub
I purchased this scrub from a local discount store and is well known around the United Kingdom called Home & Bargains and I purchased it for 70p or 80p, Something around that price which is next to nothing. It was either a hit or a miss and by the packaging I though it would be a good product. I also purchased because of the tea tree. I have heard a lot that tea tree calms acne down and from my self suffering from Acne I would try It. When I use it it helps about 30%, it is cooling to the skin when it is applied but it can leave a stinging feeling after washed off. This product was good for the price and I repurchase it. 

Blue - Indigo

Vo5 - Hair Dryer

This was all so a present for Christmas off my parents from last Xmas but the one before . I asked for this because my last hair dryer burnt out on me. This hair dryer was purchased from a local shop called TJ Hughes for around £20 which I thought was a good price. It has lasted a long time and heat good heat levels, it gives you two heat options. I would recommend this product! 


Clean & Clear - Dual Action Moisturiser - Oil Free
I purchased this item my self from Superdrug because I have seen a lot of good reviews on Clean & Clear for a spot treatment. this was in a offer of 3 for 2 and purchased this with a cleanser and a daily wash. I am impressed with this moisturiser and when it is applied it leaves my skin feeling really soft, it doesn't stop spots from forming if you use it twice on a daily basis but I switch my skin items weekly depending on how bad my skin is. It is a good moisturiser to have when your skin does break out.


Maybelline Lipstick - Sweet Pink

This is a recent purchase from Superdrug. It was £7.99 which is OK for a drugstore lipstick. This is my very first lipstick that I have purchased. I stood in the store for ages trying pick a colour that weren't to daring and that I could wear on a daily basis. I sore this one and swatched it on my hand and liked the colour but there is a bit of a shimmer. When I tried it on it matched my lip colour perfectly and made it just look like I was wearing lip gloss. I think this is a good colour to start of with if your new to lip sticks. The only thing that does bother me about it is the lasting power, I find it doesn't last any longer than an hour, which is something I might have to look in to.


St Ives - Apricot Facial Scrub

This product is my sisters but she lets me use it. It is a facial scrub so it contains exfoliating beads and sometime it can be a bit harsh on the skin because it gets right into your pores, but it does leave your face feeling clean and fresh.

Please don't be scared to do this tag, I enjoyed looking through my room find things to match the colour's of the rainbow and remembering why I purchased them. 

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Hey, Everyone!

To start of lately I have been watching a lot of videos based on beauty on YouTube  Beauty Guru's have really inspired me. I did want to make a YouTube channel but I think that would be a bit daring for me. I am a quite shy and a timid person and wasn't really that interested in beauty and fashion until YouTube  So I thought a blog would be the right way forward and then who knows what will happen in the future. I can say though I will be excited to tags and reviews etc, because every time I see a tag I want to do one.
Hope use will stick about to my blog progress!
Thanks :)